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Víno Jurášek

We designed the visual identity for the Jurášek winery brand. Just as people rely on honest, high-quality work in this winery, we also drew on years of experience in branding to create a modern brand that radiates quality and harmony. Elements from the new design manual were applied to the preparation of new labels, boxes, vehicle wraps, and various promotional items.

As part of the collaboration, we also provided the client with a complete vehicle wrap for their delivery van.

We also created a brand new website with an e-shop for Jurášek Winery, making their products even more accessible. We demonstrated that even a small family winery can embrace the modern path.

Look at the website www.vinojurasek.sk.

Gift packaging with their own branding. We retained their signature green color on the packaging, which exudes elegance and luxury.

Custom wine gift packaging.
Funny and original merch to showcase your business? No problem. We'll design a unique look that highlights your company's identity.
Stylish winery design calls for stylish banners in the online world. Colors, symbols... that's how our agency presents the brand.
This is what the corporate merchandise of the Víno Jurášek brand looks like.
Your booth can also look stylish. Just contact us.